Day One!

Hi All!

We’re in Canada! The last few days have been fun and crazy as we’ve learned our way around Abbotsford and are recuperating from the last frantic days of packing. We crossed the border late on the 2nd. It was the easiest crossing either one of us had done, which was nice considering we were banking on a 20-minute interrogation. Several of the other cars in front of us had their trunks thoroughly searched, and we both amazed that they waved us through with just a couple questions with a car full of crap. I think we came across as harmless hippies ☺

We’ve been busy stocking the car with food and supplies, including that all-essential bear spray. Who knew you could get poutine at the Costco hot dog stand?

It has been HOT over here, so the first run I attempted was the evening of the 3rd. At 8pm, it was still 82 degrees out. I started at the border and ran through town. I had my first ever heat cramp in my leg – I’ve been drinking all the sports drinks I can get my hands on!! Our new plan will be getting up super early and getting a run in before it gets too warm. I think I need a salt lick ☺

It might be slow going at first as I adjust to the heat and get into the pattern of running everyday, but I’m still pretty excited about this whole thing!! Although I’ve mostly been on dusty highways so far, I’ve already passed some pretty wildlife reserves and blueberry farms and the scenery promises to get even better. We’re headed for the Frasier River next. Stay tuned for more updates!


P.S. we have a new traveling companion. His name is Bob the succulent.

P.P.S. we’ve already been offered a kitten for the trip from our first hosts. It took all my powers of restraint to say no.

3 thoughts on “Day One!

  1. Brittany Jensen

    Yay Kim!! You go girl 🙂 I hope it doesn’t get too hot for you and I second the idea of getting a salt lick- do they have those in Canada?! I miss you dear friend and Caleb too already! Hope you guys are well.

  2. Carrie

    This is so exciting!!! You look like you are having so much fun! Stay hydrated you guys!


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