I think this is what summer looks like

We’ve been on the road for about a week now and are starting to find a rhythm to the madness. We get up early in the morning. Caleb makes breakfast, while I prepare all the electrolyte water I need for the day. It’s been so warm that I would easily become hyponatremic drinking “normal water.” We quickly get on the road around 7 or 8am and return to our last stopping point. Then I wonder how I possibly have energy to run that day, eat some ‘magic’ aka sport beans, and hop out and go for it. Caleb checks in with me every couple miles as I have to stop to refill my “water,” and grab a quick snack. Sometimes I get rewarded with a cold beverage from the nearest gas station. I can’t even begin to describe how good those are when you’re running in 90 degrees.

Caleb has done an amazing job at filming, but he has this annoying habit of finding a really picturesque spot and pulling over. In my mind, I’m thinking ‘ok, I can make it to the car, and then I get a quick break.’ However, he generally pulls out the camera and tells me to just keep going for the sake of the shot, and all I want to do is collapse ☺ Its pretty effective though, nobody wants to see a movie of me walking ☺

These days I’m running through rolling hills that go through a lot of blueberry farms, cornfields and dairy farms. There are stray blueberries on the road, and I find that I’m often being stared down by goats and cows who wonder what the heck I’m doing. Yesterday I met a man who is pulling a cart coast to coast across Canada. He had just started his journey and we wished each other well.

I run from anywhere between 11/2 -2 hours depending on the day, and then we usually come back to the campsite. I have just enough energy to shower quickly and eat something before we both pass out in the heat of the day. We’ve had to resort to finding Starbucks and the local restaurant chain, Tim Hortons, to find air conditioning and wifi. After a nap, there is usually time for site seeing, grocery shopping, general exploring and a lot of reading. And then we start all over the next day. Despite the blisters on my feet, and the heat, we’re both really enjoying each other and this trip so far!!

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  1. Carissa Boynton

    Looks like you are having fun guys! Do you think you might connect with twitter as well as well as this blog? I’ve just started on there, @kusasplace, and I think it would be a great way to follow you 🙂


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