Life on the road, three weeks in

Where to start? We’ve been on the road now for a little over 3 weeks! It’s hard to believe at times, and everything is starting to blur together a little bit. As of this evening, I will have run 178 miles! Only 702 to go…no big deal right? The last week we have been traveling through some HOT, dusty and tiny towns and have just made it to the town of Cache Creek, which actually has a real grocery store, a luxurious campground with showers, wi-fi and a pool, as well as a few gas stations and chain restaurants. We are in heaven!!! A lot of our energy has been spent just trying to take care of living necessities and passing out, but here’s a few bullet points of what life on the road has looked like this week:

–    We have left the mountains (I ran from a place called Hell’s Gate up to Jackass Mountain. That should give you an idea of the incline), although I am still running on rolling hills. We had been following the Fraser River, but Hwy 1 turns and follows a major tributary called the Thompson. The Fraser is brown and silty, whereas the Thompson is a clear, beautiful shade of blue/green. The prettiest run of the trip thus far was a beautiful river run along the Thompson where I just 10 feet above the river. We have left the Thompson now, and are running through rolling sagebrush hillsides. I think we’re about to hit ranch country.

–    Must find ice. I had totally forgotten that traveling on the road requires a lot of ice. In the 90-100 degree heat we’ve been experiencing, we’ve been going through a giant ice block almost everyday. I mean, who doesn’t love packing and unpacking the cooler every day?

–    We’ve been living off of Costco snacks and lunchmeat for the last week, as there has only been 1 tiny, sad and very expensive grocery store for the last 70 miles. Luckily, we’ve both discovered that frozen fish sticks are pretty good, and can generally be found. Restaurants are hard to find along the road, the exception being a very good little local café in Lytton. I’ve never heard of Chinese-Canadian Cuisine before, but that definitely is a thing here.

–    We made the mistake of going to campground called Blue Lake Resort. Sounds nice, right? On arriving, the office looked great and we were told we could get a sweet campsite right next to the lake with our own private dock. It was in a great location, so we jumped on it. Ok, so the word resort is a major stretch for this place. Apparently it was founded in the early 1900s, and probably was a nice place in the 50s and 60s. The lake was a dump, the bathrooms and port-a-potties were the worst I’ve ever seen, and the dock? Try partially submerged pieces of plywood. To top it off, 4 trucks of dudes set up camp next to us about an hour after we got there. Turns out it was a bachelor party (on a Tuesday night?) that was going to last for days. The guys had brought 50 pounds of meat, and had hauled up giant grills and set up a tent city. They were stoked. The conversation went something like this:
“Hey, do we got meat?”
“Yeah, we got burgers.”
“Are we gonna make them?”
“Burgers are easy”
“How many of us are there?”
“When are you gonna make the burgers, dude?”

Burgers graduated to beer pong, to drinking and smoking and other things. The camp host finally moved the dudes for their evening of partying, and we were able to sleep for a bit. The same conversation resumed in the morning regarding eggs and “artesian coffee.” We just had to laugh, and got the heck out as soon as we could.

–    We have gotten really good at setting up and breaking down camp. Staying at the same place for 3 nights seems like a luxury, and we try really hard not to only stay at a place for only one night. The provincial campgrounds are beautiful and well maintained!! And cheap! We love them.

–    I’ve never been an energy drink fan, but have recently discovered the many virtues of Red Bull. Enough said.

–    Laundry days are the happiest days.

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