The Good. The Bad. The “Um, that just happened.”

The key word for the last week is heat! It’s been in the 90s (even at night) and it regularly reaches 100 degrees during the day. This has made for super slow going, because we don’t want to do anything! Our campsite has actually been pretty busy due to a 3-day weekend for British Columbia Day, but if you look around the campground, people are slumped over in camp chairs unable to anything else! We’ve been surviving and getting work done in the itty bitty town libraries that miraculously have AC. We’re due for some cooler weather soon, and actually got some rain last night, huzzah!! I think this week can be divided into the good, the ugly and the “um, that just happened” categories:

The Good!
•    I made it to the 200-mile mark!!!
•    We did a day trip 50 miles away to the major town of Kamloops on my rest day. It was glorious!!! They have a Costco, and we probably spent 2 hours stocking up. One can never have too many potatoes, especially in food deficient towns. We also finally found coconut water, and digestives (the best cookie ever!) We also found this incredibly cute farm that had a bakery, and the largest green onions I have ever seen. We got some peach blackberry pie too! If you can’t tell already, good food that isn’t grossly expensive is super exciting to us.

The Bad.
•    We have been waiting for weeks to see the movie Minions and finally made it to an area that had a theater. It was terrible. So terrible.
•    Running has been really tough this week. I ran for 2 days in 95-97 degree heat (and I started at 7pm), and it kicked my butt. This is an entry from my journal:

“We are now a month in, 200 miles down. I am truly exhausted. I woke up this morning in a fog – unable to move my limbs, flies landing on my face and allergies ablaze. I now understand why older people don’t like moving if they can help it. It’s hard, and painful and takes a lot of mental energy. A cup of coffee, some AC, and Aleve makes me feel like half a real person again. Only 2 days in, I’m scheduled to go running tonight, but its not happening. My body is rebelling against me, and is finally saying “enough. I’m done with this madness.” And as much as I would like to get some more miles in, I know I have to listen or I’ll never move again.

It actually works out. The last few days I have been running in 90+ degree weather, and it’s supposed to cool off tomorrow. Running in that kind of heat really does something weird to you. Your legs get crampy and don’t want to move at all. There is something in the air that makes you feel like a sloth, and there is a lot of mental energy devoted to fighting inertia.

Surprisingly though, it was on one of these runs where I was close to fading that a forgotten song came on and I was filled with adrenaline and tackled the last remaining hill. It felt good just to run for the sake of running. I was flying up the mountain and nobody was going to stop me. These moments are rare in my semi-permanent state of fatigue, but they do happen and its one of the many reasons I run. Ok, its naptime. I’m pooped.”

The “Um, that just happened.”
We moved north to a new campsite. It’s small, nice enough, and super cheap. The catch? The owner. The owner is a Tex-Mex, big, really tan kind of guy who used to live in Mexico, but now owns this RV park. He is an avid gardener and makes money by selling produce off the side of the road too, and looks like he really enjoys chatting it up with people who come to buy his tomatoes. He also offers an all you can eat BBQ every night. He also has major OCD.

•    First thing he told me was that I couldn’t hang my towel on a post in our campsite. He told Caleb to get the hell out of his kitchen when he poked his head in to ask about the wifi password. You have to pay a dollar to use the shower, and you had better $&#@ well pay him before showering occurs.
•    I was very groggy one morning and came out of the common bathroom. He was next door talking to a group of other people, and I was walking away when all of a sudden I hear “Did you turn the light off?” It takes me several seconds to figure out that he has abruptly stopped his other conversation and is now talking to me. “Yup,” I answer. He does a closer inspection to double check that I have in fact turned the light out, and is pleased to find that I have. “There’s a good woman!!” he shouts for all to hear. I still don’t know what’s going on.
•    We decide that BBQ sounds great, and that we may have more normal interactions with the gruff owner if we attend. There are several different meat options, including “roadkill” ribs, chicken and steak. Caleb orders the chicken and I get a steak. The owner turns to me and says, “right or left breast.”
Me: uhhh, excuse me?
Owner: “Right or left breast?
Me: “What?”
Owner: “Most people have a preference.” (Completely deadpan, I might add)
Me: “OK, I had no idea. But I’m not getting the chicken, so you better ask him.”
Owner turns to face Caleb. Caleb decides he wants the right breast. Owner asks, “How long have you guys been together?
Caleb: “2 years.”
Owner: “No wonder you want the breast.”

And so the adventure continues.

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