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Hi all!

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth for a bit. The last 2 weeks have been busy and gloriously lazy at the same time, and we’ve mostly been out in the boonies with limited cell and internet service. Lots and lots of updates. Mostly all good! However, this trip has been one wild ride. No sooner do we make plans, than we realize that our initial ideas are not going to work as expected. So pretty much forget what we previously described as “the plan” in our last post. Here’s the basic rundown 😉

  • Caleb and I attempted tag team running for about a week after our last post. And when I say Caleb and I, I mean mostly Caleb. Even after taking it easy/not running for a week I was still hobbling, and seriously wondering if I had injured myself. Not being able to even eek out 2 miles is pretty sad. I was considering whether I would need to quit the run for the sake of future mobility, and decided that I needed a professional opinion. Caleb and I both came down with minor colds during this time, and for a few days it was a pretty sad state of affairs.
  • I went to a sports specialist in Prince George and got the happy news that I was injury free!! In the words of my dr. “no injuries, but your hip and knee are very angry with you.” I’ve improved a lot, but decided to take another week off to recuperate before attempting “round 2” of running.
  • I was offered, and accepted, a job contracting for NOAA when I get back! Hurray for employment!
  • Happy birthday to me! (as of last week) Here’s to the 30s!
  • Caleb and I have been visiting scenic places in the woods. We went to Horsefly (this requires a lot of gravel roads and we passed through a cattle drive) and went to the “Fall” festival, which was a very small town fair with local produce and animals. I was kind of amused that they considered it their fall festival (late August), when I looked around and noticed that the trees were in fact starting to change color. I’m not sure how this happened, but we’ve gone from brutal summer heat to cooler temps within the span of a couple days (I guess we did drive north a bit, but still!!) PS Caleb denied my request for a traveling baby bunny.
  • We decided to take a spur of the moment trip Jasper, which was never in the plans, but it was so close not to visit. We could barely see or breathe driving east. Apparently the smoke from BC fires, as well as the fires in Eastern Washington, was being blown north. We talked to other tourists who had been in Banff, and they said that it was even worse down there. Luckily for us, most of the smoke cleared for a day and we were able to enjoy the park. It was stunning!!!! Everyone needs to go there at least once!! We’ll definitely be back. We saw lots of elk, and a couple black bears, but no moose 🙁 I’m beginning to think that Canada really doesn’t have any.
  • After 2 months of living out of a car, it’s starting to get a little old. Caleb and I set up our tent in the pouring rain last night. We were actually pretty dry, but I’m not looking forward to adding wet clothing/tent into the mix. Those teardrop trailers are starting to look really appealing.
  • Ok, new plan. We’re actually currently bound for Hyder, and we’re going to run south as far as we can go until October. What??, you may say. I know, I know Hyder was supposed to be our final destination. Hear me out. At this point, Caleb and I are looking forward to getting as much running in as possible, but we won’t be anywhere close to reaching our targeted milage.  Considering that fall is pretty much here in northern BC, we want to run towards better weather rather than run towards rain and snow. It was difficult to envision cooler temps when I was sweating profusely packing in Seattle heat, so we’re not entirely prepared for fall/winter weather. Oh, I guess I have to mention that we want to catch the grizzly bears who are at the tail end of feeding off of summer salmon runs. I guess these guys start hibernating soon.

So to recap: Running round 2 is beginning. Caleb and I are both running, starting from Hyder and going south until October when we need to start making our way back home.

PS. Overall, I love Canada. I could quite easily defect here. The scenery is stunning, the people are friendly, and they have poutine!!

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  1. Jen

    Seeing a Moose is my life dream too!! 🙂
    Everyone thinks they have moose..but really, they don’t. I have been on the moose hunt for a while now and Wyoming and Montana have both failed me! If you see a live Moose, I will be there ASAP!
    Have Fun!


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