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I just wanted to give a financial update!  Over $1,700 has been raised so far in support of the run!  Thank you SO much to these generous individuals who have donated.  For those of you who haven’t had the chance yet, please consider donating to Hope Matters International at  Even small amounts like $5, $10, and $20 make a difference!

This organization does wonderful work.  Hope Matters runs a medical clinic in Kipkaren, Kenya and provides medical care to people who can’t afford it or who would otherwise have to travel great distances to obtain it.  In addition to running a clinic, these guys provide medical trainings and clinics to community leaders as well as undertake community outreaches.  I’m constantly amazed by the types of illnesses that this clinic sees and their attempts to provide people the best care possible.

This is an example of the work this organization does.  Michelle, RN and co-founder of Hope Matters, has recently been blogging about a baby girl named Geilla.  Michelle writes: “We were at an outreach about 30 min drive down a dirt road when someone mentioned that there was a baby crying that sounded like a cat. I searched out the cat-cry sounds and asked the mom to come back to the clinic for a full exam.”

Geilla is 14-months-old and has a rare genetic syndrome called cri-du-chat, or Cry of the Cat. The syndrome got its name because the babies literally sound like crying cats when they cry. Because of this, Geilla has two holes in her heart and is blind from cataracts in both eyes. We are trying to get her a consult with a cardiologist.  This was in the beginning of August.

August 15th, Michelle wrote the following:

“Praise report! Things are coming together for baby Geilla to be seen by an American cardiologist specializing in pediatrics! Pray that the details come together so she can be seen in the first week of September while the doctor is in Kenya. Geilla and her mother will have to travel to another part of the country for this appointment. I’ll keep you posted as things move forward. We were cautioned that due to her genetic syndrome she may not be high on the priority list of there are many, many children needing help. So let’s just keep the situation and all of the children needing assistance covered in prayer.

August 26th:

Baby Geilla officially has a cardiology appointment scheduled. She will be seeing an American pediatric cardiologist on Sept 1st. She and her mother will make the 6-hour journey to the hospital on Aug 31st. Please pray for safety while they travel. Also pray that the specialists would be able to put together an action plan for helping Geilla as well as the many other children traveling to the hospital from all over East and Central Africa. We also hope to be able to follow up regarding possible surgery to restore her sight. When you support Hope Matters International financially you are helping us make a difference in the lives of children like Geilla.

This is just one of many stories, to read more go to  Please consider supporting Michelle and Hope Matters as they advocate for others!

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